Review of the restaurant MEZBAAN

3 05 2007

Hey Guys, just wanted to share the experience of one of my friend in Frazer Town.

Here it goes……in his own words……


“Hi guys
I am writing this review just to warn you. I have the worst experience in food from a very popular food joint (famous for parcel) Mezbaan in Frazer Town, Bangalore. Me and my family are crazy for tandoori food mainly north Indian breads and paneer items.

The restaurant food was quiet tasty when we started trying it 3-4 months back.
But for past 3-4 parcels, I could feel that chapati was old and was just heated not fresh, why the hell we pay full price to some son of the ***** for old chapati. and yesterday was worst experience, we ordered dal fry and chapatis, chapatis were as usual old and i was just eating forcibly as our lpg gas got over. My wife felt something sour in dal and located some froath on the dal, which comes when the food is old and get spolied or there might be too much baking soda in it. It happens mostly after 3-4 days. We have consumed only half of the daal with chapati, morning I was bit okie, but my wife got severe lose motion.

My duty was to warn you, trusting me or not is totally ur wish.

Please make a note of not going to Mezbaan, Frazer Town for food parcel, if u r still so much fascinated, either go there, sit and eat or atleast taste curry before packing and open and check whether rotis are fresh, u can make out, if it’s more black then its surely old, a fresh roti will be always white and light brown in colour.

Please forward it to more of the local people groups (south indian) also so that they can also save them from unhealthy food. If any of you don’t trust me then try ordering 3-4 times in night and 3-4th time you will see urself. and please share info about hygenic food joints though not very fancy in diffeernt areas.”

My Rating : 1/5

And yes, the 1 was for the onions…..




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