Lopstop Ice-cream Parlor

17 06 2007

Ok so it may be serving the standard Kwality ice-creams, but the place has a nice atmosphere. -submitted by mahesh-


I started going to this place cos of the phone booth attached to it and slowly started enjoying the ice-creams there too. From this quite little ice-cream corner which is open on two sides, you can enjoy your time with your friends as you watch the traffic go by on busy Mosque Road in Frazer Town.

Some enterprising guy, has also placed some rocking horses and other such stuff for the kids, which makes the place kind of populated with kids almost always.

Not the kind of place you would go in search of, but the kind you would try out an ice-cream from and stop for a chat if you see it on the way.

-submitted by mahesh-




2 responses

18 06 2007

Lop stop is a place that would strike a lot of memories for me.. It was like a pitstop for me and a lot of my friends.. and ofcourse a place whr I still meet the love of my life! A pretty chilled out place this and with the Paani puri guy standing outside now, its just the perfect place to have a quick bite and snack.

22 06 2007
Saood Ahmed

its an awesum place… perfect location….
i usually go there wen m out from Beijin bites or rendezvous…..

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