Whats in a Name?

20 06 2007

Posted by Asif.


Austin Town, Benson Town, Frazer Town, Richmond Town, Promenade Road, Wheelers Road, I’m not listing out the towns and roads in London or US for that matter but the ones in  Bangalore.


Ever wondered why the roads and towns in India especially Bangalore retained the names designated by the British for such a long time.


Now the Government has made attempts to change the names but instead of giving  fairly simple and practical names they have gone ahead and given it lengthy, complex and very difficult to use and pronounce names.



Most of the residents are blissfully unaware of the new names till date and those who are aware still like to hold on to the old ,easy to remember names and some think that using the old names helps in conserving the heritage of Bangalore.


I personally am very confused about this issue, because I think that renaming the Roads and towns is a good thing but the names should be simple and ones which we can connect and identify with. Also I am concerned that if roads and towns are changed today, Bangalore will be soon changed to ‘Bengaluroo’ and I really prefer ‘Bangalore’ to ‘Bengaluroo’



Some of the Changes are:


  • Frazer Town – Pulakeshi Nagar,
  •  Seppings Road – Sri Devi Muthyalamma
  • Kengal Hanumanthaiah Road- Double Road
  • MacIver Town –  Shantala Nagar
  • Cox Town -Jeevanahalli
  • Benson Town -Kadamba Nagar
  • Doddakunte -Sarvagna Nagar
  • Murphy Town -Hoysala Nagar
  • Williams Town- K C Reddy Nagar
  • Tasker Town -Swami Shivanandapuram
  • Austin Town- F Kittel Nagar
  • Richmond Town -Sir Mirza Ismail Nagar

Any comments on Pulakeshi Nagar guys????




One response

22 06 2007
Saood Ahmed

The new names are much modern n better than the old ones 🙂

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