Tattoo Artist in Frazer Town

21 06 2007

Need a Tattoo, this is the place to go.

The Studio:

The Dark Arts Studio


#32/11, Spencer Road Cross,Frazer Town, Bangalore 560005.


Go to Coles Park. Take the left at the signal in front of St. Germain’s High School. Go past the Centurion bank ATM and take a left at the 2nd circle on the road. Take the first left after that into a slightly small lane, the studio is in the 3rd house on the left.

The Cost:

The charge is as per design and not by the hour. The general thumb rule applied in that studio is that a 2 inch by 2 inch tattoo should cost about Rs. 1500/- but it still depends on the design and the work to be done.

The Artist:

Pradeep Menon has been doing tattooing for a living for over 2 years now. He is a skilled artist and takes personal interest in each tattoo he does and is quite picky and choosy about the designs.


Pradeep Menon is the best person in Bangalore to go to for a tattoo. His tattoo parlour, a room in the compound of his house, is hygienic, super clean, always playing house, rock, lounge or alternative rock music and AIDS and Hepatitis C free! More importantly, he is a licensed tattoo artist, one of the few in the city.


Pradeep and his artist Deep do a very neat job that you will not be disappointed with. You can choose from a variety of designs, desi, uber cool, traditional, or plain whacky. He uses clean needles and gives them to you once your done.

Number: 9845291930 or on 9886391930.




15 responses

3 07 2007

Got my tattoo done by this guy, reliable and neat……highly recommended 🙂
Nice review

22 11 2007

got 5 tattoos done by pradeep…no one like him. great person to talk to also while having ur tattoo done. work doesnt fade and the inks are fab!! keep up the great work mate. cheers!

5 08 2008
Pradeep Menon

Hey just to inform you that I have opened up another branch of my tattoo studio in Raheja Arcade which is in Koramangala. Thank you all for your support and if it wasn’t for you I would not have reached this far.

28 11 2008
Swati Batra

Hey pradeep, i got 2 know about you, i wanna make tattoo but my basic reason to know that it hurts wen v make the tattoo on the body

1 07 2009
2 09 2009

Awesome guy this Pradeep menon is!! no pain at all, a job well done and an equally amazing tatoo 🙂 Keep up the goodwork mate…

24 05 2010

the best tatoo parlour around..they are amazin..if pradeep is busy try arpita she is too good..

2 09 2010

USJewellery and Tattoo is a most unique studio, catering exclusively to your custom tattooing needs in Bangalore. US Tattoo firmly believes that with an open mind and a vivid imagination, it is possible to turn the tattoo of your dreams into a reality.for more details visit

18 10 2010


I already have a tatoo on my hand which I would like to remove, please let me know if i need to take an appointment and come

20 10 2010

Hey Pradeep,
I’m Shreya…
I needed a lil help wid the kinda tattoo i’m lookin for… this is my first one and i’m a lil picky abt it….
I surfed quite a few websites for somethin similar to wht i was lookin foe but cldnt really get anythin….
I wanted a tattoo wid a star…. more like the bethlehem star ( 4 spikes) wound by an “S” tht looks a lil gothy…. A frnd of mine’s gettin the same tattoo done on his arm mostly so it has to look a lil unisexual…. i’m wanted it on my waist…. so pls help….

10 02 2011

hi this is harshitha , i want to remove tattoo from hand. can u please , i ll b waiting for ur reply

1 12 2011
kumar ta2 art..

Hi prdeed sir ,im kumar liv ejipura bang im ur fan ,already i send rep fb pls acp me i want meet u sir , pls pls.


1 12 2011
kumar ta2 art..

Hi pradeep sir, im kumar ta2 art im ur big fan,i send rep fb (raja kumar) pls acp me,sir i want meet u,pls pls give me time if u have time ,im liv Ejipura near kormangala thank u sir .


19 12 2011

Heard from a friend about Pradeep Menon and decided to get tattooed by him. While my friend’s two tattoos done by Pradeep are still fine, I had a bad experience. The tattoo I got from Pradeep faded within a year and the tattoo got hazy. I had to get the tattoo reworked by a tattoo artist in Delhi, afterwards.

22 02 2012
annd karthik

i like to learn tattoo pls help me

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