Review: Richies Restaurant

22 06 2007

 -submitted by Saood Ahmed

It’s tough rating a place like Richies. It really is. Not because the food isn’t good, it is. But mainly because that’s all that’s good about it. The food. You really wouldn’t go there for the ambiance, it’s all fake wood, dim lighting from gaudy chandeliers and a, well ummm, an assorted crowd of diners. Much like other restaurants in the area.

But then, it’s only about the food. And good God, it’s incredible with one disclaimer, you need to be a carnivore, failing which, a poultry-vore.

There are only so many things one orders. Their mutton and chicken biryani cannot be beat. Not in this town anyway. And the stand-out feature is that the two are different, they don’t take the easy way out. Their dal fry needs to be tried to be believed. It’s good enough to make me order it, along with hot tandoori rotis. (Tip: Squeeze the oil out of the sauteed round red chilly that they add. Delicious!) The lamb in the biryani is tender, so very flavourful and never over cooked. It’s brilliant. So too are their sheekh kebabs. On good days, you’ll get deep fried teethar, which is similarly excellent. I like the fact that their raitha doesn’t have cucumber and that you get a little portion of some very good kheer along with each order of biryani.


Their other food, the usual suspects of chicken and mutton hyderabadi/kholapuri/do pyaza etc., are also worth a shot but not in the same league as their biryani/roti/dal and sheekh kebab. Oh, and they’ll also sell you the biryani, on order, by the kilogram. It’s such a hit at parties.

Richies is on MM Road, about half way down. Hard to miss. But do go.

My Rating : 4/5

only for the food




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