Review: Zaks Restaurant

2 07 2007

-submitted by Manava

This is a fast food cafe located on Coles Road,Fraser Town.
They serve Arabian/Egyptian dishes, humus-White curry, falafel, etc

Food is quite good. They now have a seating place in basement and can accomodate 40 people. Reservation are not expected.

Ambience is okay, and service is fast, though they don’t have a good number of waiters.
Food is indianized version of Arabian/Egyption dishes. The sweets they serve are also good. Worth a visit once in a while. A wholesome dinner for two would cost 400/- at max.


Dishes Description
humus- this is white curry(made from chick peas/kabuli chana).
kaboos- This is pita bread. More like a pizza base with pocket in it.
Shwarma- Needs no description. Its roll are served in pita bread.
Bakalava (TOP PICTURE)- A sweet. Good one to taste. Very difficult to describe here.


This place will appeal to people who like to try out other types of food. Not a place to spend a romantic evening.

Recently the place has started adding Indian dishes also to the menu. although I did not try out the Indian dishes myself, I wouldn’t recommend eating Indian dishes there.

My Rating : 2.5/5




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