Review: Savoury Restaurant

4 07 2007

Savoury as the name suggest has some very yummy Arabic Food .. run by Mid East return Malayalees , this tiny little restaurant is loacte d on Mosque Road.


This restaurant is strictly for non-veg foodies.

Must haves are definelty the GRILL CHICKEN , SHAWARMA ROLL ( MUTTON /CHICKEN ) , HUMMUS , KABOOS, AND THE JUICES . The best part is when you go thru d menu n you reach the Juice Section .. these guys have gotten reallly innovative..heres a few egs – INTERNET, ROLEX, COMPUTER, SHABAB .. n even SADDAM AND OSAMA….

SHAWARMA ROLLS …my fav is chicken, extra spicy and crispy…

Prices are reasonable, although seating could be a bit of a problem.

Additional Information: Offers home delivery.

Location: 56, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore.

Phone: 25490736, 57739230.

My Rating : 4/5




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