Gymming In Frazer Town

14 07 2007

Apart from the small gyms in Frazer Town, there are three large, reputed ones, which are recommended for all.



Body Talk
Opposite to Richies Restaurant
Frazer Town.

Indian Gymkhana
5, Wheelers Road, Cox Town
Frazer Town.
Phone: 25486422 , 25483208

Steeve Gym
25, Wheeler Road, Cox Town
Frazer Town.
Phone: 25486099




16 responses

15 07 2007

Bodycraft is not a gym. It’s a skincare clinic. Steve’s Gym is, as I last recall, very dirty. Is this picture of the Gymkhana gym? It look pretty neat and tidy. Any idea if individuals without a Gymkhana membership can sign up here?

15 07 2007

A small change, its Body Talk and not Body Craft. It has been updated. Have been to that gym and is highly recommended, if you can find the right instructor.

15 07 2007
Saood Ahmed

Hmmm… was wonderin wats the place on 1st floor.. opposite moore road..
next to red lantern.. above cell links.. that looks like a gym too…..

27 08 2007

nope tat pic is not of gymkhana club as far as i know u need to be a member to use the gym facilities…

20 09 2007

Still looking for a good gym in the Frazer Town area. Anyone know if any of these places are decent in terms of cleanliness, equipment… I was quite horrified when I saw Steve’s Gym.

11 03 2009

steves gym is horrible
body talk is way better

18 03 2009

i was looking for a gym in cox town area , thru internet i saw the cotacts of Steve gym and body talk and another one ,am yet to visit gymkhana, as per my opinion steve’s gym is very overcrowded and not so clean ,i just saw one treadmill, though it cheap and the instructor was friendly ,but still i would not recommend it ,they gave me a good offer for 2 months membership , but later when i visited steve’s gym i was happy to see many treadmills , g8 equiptments and much cleaner environment , i might join this from today /tomorrow , lets see how it turns out to be after the membership.i hope i am still happy cause i will be spending almost double amount of money for a month here compared to steves gym.

7 12 2009

There is also life in fraser town,opposite st.alloysicous pu excellent gym

1 03 2010

Any one know the gym near Mosque road , on the way to cox town

26 03 2010

Steve’s gym is terrible. I was a member for 6 months in late 2008 and I stopped after 2 months. There was just too much crowd and very less equipment.

Then I chanced upon “Life – the fitness center” in Assaye Road. Check that out. It’s pretty good, has ample parking space, has good instruments, steam bath, separate spacious changing rooms with shower, etc. I’d recommend it as I’ve used it for almost a year and the trainers are also good.

27 04 2012

What is the name of the gym – could you please give the phone number as well. Do they have group classes?

15 09 2010

I happen to visit Steves gym last evening and believe me its a junk yard and not a fitness center. I shall visit and check body talk somtime tomorrow as i plan to use for less than a month. I hope i dont have to shell out a lot of moni for the same. Rest all hop to be great…………..

1 06 2011
Chandni Beri

wich is d Gym at mosque road in a lane jes before Mc Donalds ? it looked good and is the most convenient for me

8 03 2012

Paid 2000rs plus 500rs reg fee at Steves gym for just 1 month. Very bad experience i stopped going within few days. No instructor,old equipments,local guys come for free and fool around.

Overall not recommended at all Life is way too better just 1kms away.

5 06 2012

Every one, well most of the seem to hate Steve’s gym. So can anyone tell me How is Life and Body talk. I also would like to know the cost of these two gyms.

5 06 2012

I had been to Bodytude gym near Jai Bharath Nagar. The experience was quite pathetic. Very limited workout equipments, Quite old Treadmill (Just one treadmill), People were doing exercise as they wish, many were doing in wrong posture but nobody care.The instructor who was in role in the evening is useless as he dont have proper knowledge about how to do workout. He hardly support anyone as he was always busy in watching IPL matches and talking with few girls.

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