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24 06 2007

Great idea….a FT blog was totally begging to be created. Nice work dude!

20 07 2007

Hey… Good work dude… This is good info… I am really impressed… have u done all this alone…? or some help…? anyways… keep up the good work…

7 01 2008

Nice blog! .. I am from Cal, was in Richard’s town for the last three and a half months, which I guess, you could say, is practically Frazer Town .. Used to stay on Davis Road, run in Richard’s park in the morning, and loved the whole atmosphere of mosque road and frazer town … I’m moving to Hyd soon, and I miss FT. Very nice place, keep up the good blog 🙂

26 07 2009

Nice blog of good old Fraser Town, my very home town. It’s been home to my last 3 generations. 🙂

5 10 2009

can anyone tell me abt salsa classes in frazer town

15 03 2010
Wasim Akram

Hi there,

Real cool blog, the popularity is too less spread awareness of this blog and have more people to visit and leave comments. Why dont you make a discussion column, where we can talk about how to develope our area. We can get the people together, discuss take idea and improve our area.

Main thing is there are very less people who know about this, please do something to attract people to this blog.

28 05 2010
Preeti Dhakappa

Hey There!

I’ve lived in FT for 20 years and I LOVE THIS AREA. It’s so vibrant and chirpy. 🙂

4 09 2012
Divya Patwari

Ok so I am looking for this guy….I met at City Bar last weekend that is 1st of september.rehabbbbbb. He is this engineer from Frazer town and his name starts from A. Thats all I know about him! And because I was the idiot to not give him my number… here Iam looking for him! I have never regretted not giving my number to someone so much!
Okkkkkkk I hope someone can help. 🙂

P.S I was the girl in a red dress.

okthis is pretty embarassing!

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