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29 10 2008

What is it? is an interactive portal and online guide, dedicated to Bangalore. They are making an effort to showcase the city, in a way that has never been attempted before.

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Creativity in F.T.

3 09 2008

Here’s a bus stop with a laundrocart attached.

Unique isn’t it ? Happens only in India. You’ll find this dhobi cart virtually every day of the week in the Frazer Town area. In addition to a “shop front” on the main road, this man’s location is tailor made for him. It has a wide berth, a roof that protects him from the elements and plenty of “shelf space” for his clothes.

What else do you need?

Add that Tinge of Green to Your Home

3 09 2008

This outlet has a wide range of indoors, outdoors, bonsais and connoisseur’s collection of cactii in our trademark terracota and ceramic pots.

Contact Person: Keshav

Address: more. for you, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore – 560005

Phone: 99005 67685

Are the ATM’s Safe?

3 09 2008

Frazer Town:

Burglars tried to break open a State Bank of India ATM on Wheeler Road in Frazer Town. On Tuesday morning, customers went to withdraw money and noticed that the ATM was damaged. Bank manager Somashekhar has lodged a complaint.

Want to Advertise on Frazer Town Blog?

6 11 2007

Hello Citizens of Frazer Town.

I’m the moderator, and have been receiving huge requests for advertising from businesses on the blog. After much consultation, we have decided to allow advertisers to use this blog for promotion for a small price. Only condition being that it has to be a business run in Frazer Town. Please contact me for further details ( ) .




Richard’s Park…Simply Delightful

25 07 2007

They’ve completely revamped Richard’s park in Frazer Town (right down mosque road). They’ve added swings and a skating rink. It’s beautiful, shady and perfect if you want to go for a walk even in the afternoon, it isn’t so hot there at all.


Its also perfect if you want to sit there and read a book. There isn’t really too much noise there from the traffic. Little kids playing around, folks walking their dogs and people playing badminton .. its the perfect summer atmosphere. And it only costs Rs. 2 to get in. So go on and breathe some fresh air!

Review: Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi

24 07 2007

-submitted by Numaya

Being from Bombay I was missing authentic Bombay kulfi here in Bangalore, The kulfis served in ice cream joints were just not the right kulfi. But Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi has kept unto its name. They serve 16 different flavours of kulfi and all are the best.


The Owner Mr. Ahmed is himself from Bombay as well as his staff & they have brought to Bangalore the authentic kulfi from Bombay. They manufacture it here taking care of hygiene as well as giving original taste without adding any artificial flavour. Seasonal fruit kulfis are only available during the season of particular fruit used. The kulfis are served with falooda ( vermicelli as known in Bangalore). Matka kulfi is served in small earthen pots unlike others who give in plastic pots. They even serve faloodas of different flavours.

Believe me this place is worth a try & i bet u’ll love the kulfis & falooda !!!!!

Food Type: Kulfi

Additional Information: Offers home delivery

Recommended Item: Malai Kulfi, Falooda, Sitaphal Kulfi

Location: 41/b, Mosque Complex, MM Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore.
Phone 25488811

My Rating : 4.5/5